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The year 2021 marks a milestone in accelerating the implementation of global commitments to gender equality. Forty-five years since the first Women’s Conference, 25 years since the adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action,
and with a decade to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, it is time to critically examine our global approach to fostering women’s leadership to bring about transformative change.

Despite commitments made in the Beijing Declaration to take strategic and decisive action, no country has so far achieved gender equality and the COVID-19 pandemic has caused setbacks in many dimensions of gender equality. It has also
revealed, and exacerbated, many of the hidden inequalities that women face. This is our new starting point—and an opportunity to accelerate the promotion and protection of the human rights of all women and girls and to achieve gender

The Hunger Project has worked with women leaders in rural communities with high levels of hunger and poverty in Africa, Latin America and South Asia for over 30 years. Drawing on the lessons we have learned from mobilizing their
participation and leadership in community-led development activities—holistic, multisectoral activities that are rooted in mobilizing communities for action—we put forward the following policy recommendations to increase the role of women in public spaces and decision-making processes at the community level. We believe that focusing on the community-level
allows the greatest number of women who live with hunger and in poverty to exercise their agency and voice, supporting their ability to bring about transformative change.


The Hunger Project has been implementing gender-focused community-led development programs for over 30 years. From this, we have learned many lessons about effective ways to mobilize women for transformative change.


You can access the full document of The Hunger Project on Mobilizing Women’s Leadership for Transformative Change here.


The Generation Equality Forum’s first major event was hosted in Mexico City from the 29th to the 31st of March. The three days were filled with fruitful discussions and action plans for improving the lives of women and girls world-wide. In addition to the progress made at the Forum, cultural activities such as concerts, film festivals and art exhibitions took place, where activists and artists could express themselves and what gender equality means to them. The cultural events coincided with