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A Pathway Towards a Feminist Agenda for the Generation Equality, Priorities and Recommendations


The Beijing Platform for Action put forward a comprehensive plan for 12 Areas of Concern to guide action to achieve gender quality and achieve women and girls’ human rights. The recommendations outlined below are drawn from a review of documents relating to the Beijing +25 agenda that feminist and women’s organizations from across six continents submitted. They are also based on responses gathered from a global survey of feminist and women’s organizations who have been actively engaged in the Beijing +25 processes.

A full list of contributors is available as an Annex.

Together, these address global priorities and recommendations in each of the 12 Areas of Concern outlined in the Beijing Platform for Action. This is a living document that will continue to evolve with ongoing input. Many of our recommendations apply to all Areas of Concern and are common to all regions. All of the recommendations that we present are based on an understanding of intersectionality.

Our starting point is knowing that each critical area of concern is interconnected and that women’s lived experiences embody multiple identities, vulnerabilities, and strengths. The strongest actions will come from coordinated, well-financed, inter-sectoral actions developed, implemented, and monitored with the full and meaningful participation of
women and girls in all their diversity.

You can access the full document here.