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Compensation for Contributions: Formalizing and Securing A Grassroots Women’s Covid 19 Recovery Platform– Priority Investments & Partnerships to Reverse the Damage Done

This 1.5 hour strategy session focused on brainstorming and consolidating the Covid 19 recovery priorities and plans of grassroots women’s organizations attending the Mexican GEForum who are focused on:

· restoring women’s livelihoods, incomes, and access to markets and economic and political opportunities; and
· co-leading the planning and implementation of gender just, resilient local community development recovery investments

Using participatory brainstorming methods, the side event mapped the recovery advocacy priorities grassroots women’s groups —living in rural and urban poor and indigenous communities–are forging to redress the economic and social losses and unpaid caregiving labor burdens (family and community) they have shouldered during Covid 19.

Recovery strategies and tools such as social and environmental protection; preferential access to productive resources and assets: including land, housing, flexible finance/credit as well as better markets through procurement, value chain and e-commerce market opportunities were also discussed.