Foro Generación Igualdad México, Igualdad de Genero


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Concurrent space for adolescents during Mexico Forum (am)

During the Mexico Forum, the Concurrent Space served as a safe space that not only supported the participants in accessing and understand Forum related information but also strengthening their capacities, sharing their experiences of the sessions they have attended as well as collectively discussing various strategies of continuing to engage in country level advocacy and activism beyond the Forum space. This space will also provide a much needed adolescent-centric space during the overall Forum duration that may otherwise seem adult-centric and formal.
1. Support access to relevant information related to Mexico Forum and the run of show during the orientation session and build capacity around navigating the same.
2. Support Adolescents girls to strengthen thier capacity on public speaking, strategic advocacy online using chat functions and social media.
3. Create a space where adolescent participants can openly share about their experience of the Forum space so far.
4. Co-strategize ways to continue advocacy and activism at country level contexts beyond the Forum space