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How a strong multilateral system is fundamental to moving women´s agenda ahead

This conversation by the GWL members (Women and girls global leaders for change and inclusion) discussed the importance of a full-functioning multilateral system to identify and agree on critical actions towards gender equality and to motivate governments towards implementation. The discussion focused on how multilateral systems are essential to close the gender gaps and secure women’s and girls’ human rights. The goal of gender equality must be looked at through the lenses of all. Sustainable development will not be achieved if the voices of half of humanity are silenced. The COVID-19 impact has exacerbated the challenges. The speakers highlighted that multilateralism is a critical vehicle to support the achievement of equal, fair, and democratic societies. The world today demands strengthening multilateralism and multilateral architecture to serve the purpose of building equal societies and enforce and guarantee the rights of women and girls worldwide. The multilateral system is central to ensure that the international law and policy informs and guides transformative action and strengthens the gender equality agenda in all its diversity. Further, panellists stressed that strong economies, prosperous, dignifying, and peaceful societies will be achieved only if we can overcome gender inequality and discrimination using an intersectional and intergenerational perspective.