Looking back V / VI


Spanish version

Activism and commitments to accelerate gender equality marked the conclusion of the Generation Equality Forum in Mexico City. Through vibrant intergenerational coalition of actors representing governments, civil society, feminist and youth organizations, the private sector, philanthropy, and international organizations, exceptional progress was achieved.

A global call to action to support the drive for commitments from Mexico to Paris marked the closing of the Forum. With a diverse and intersectional representation, the Forum in Mexico was an open and inclusive space that reinforced the power and voice of feminists and youth movements.

The high-level political commitment and action underscored their determination to assume a lead role in the global fight to achieve gender equality and strengthened the call for bold and concrete progress.

The Forum in Mexico established a path towards a legacy of equality as it embarked on the path to its culminating event in Paris. This video shares an overview of the Forum’s moments, outcomes and the spirit of feminist solidarity and leadership.